Are Vacuum Tubes Still Made?

Hifi Tube Amp with power and preamp tubes | Fuzz Audio

In the digital era, it might come as a surprise to many that vacuum tubes are not only still made, but also actively used across the globe!

Are Vintage Tubes Really Better?

Power tubes set against a blueish-green background

New vs. Vintage tubes — at Fuzz Audio, our opinion is simple: Modern tubes suck. Read more to find out why vintage tubes are the best choice!

Best Tubes for the LA2A

Medium shot of the front of the VA2A leveling amp

Trying new tubes is an inexpensive way to experiment and get the best tone out of your equipment. Here is our list of the best tubes for the LA2A.

Best Stereo Tubes for Any Setup

Vintage Vacuum Tube Boxes | Fuzz Audio

Here is Fuzz Audio’s list of the best stereo tubes money can buy to help you easily improve the quality of your home stereo’s tone.