Why are Vacuum Tubes Also Called Valves?

Mullard EL34 In Marshall Amp

In the world of electronics, vacuum tubes have been an integral part of many inventions. They are also commonly known as valves due to their role in regulating and controlling electricity.

Valves act like valves on a pipe, allowing electrons to flow through them at different rates while maintaining control over the current. Just like a valve can be used to regulate water pressure or temperature, electronic valves can be used to modify signals within circuits and components.

Does Playing Through Overdrive Pedals Save the Life of Tubes?

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It’s like a game of chess. Every move you make affects the outcome, but if you don’t know how to play it right, your pieces may end up in checkmate. Similarly, when using an overdrive pedal with a tube amp, every little tweak can drastically alter the sound – and even save its life!


Power tubes set against a blueish-green background

Vacuum tubes were once the backbone of the audio industry, powering everything from radios to guitar amplifiers. Although they were replaced by solid state technology in many applications, vacuum tubes are still highly valued by musicians and audiophiles for their unique tonal quality.

Best Tubes for the LA2A

Medium shot of the front of the VA2A leveling amp

Trying new tubes is an inexpensive way to experiment and get the best tone out of your equipment. Here is our list of the best tubes for the LA2A.

Best Stereo Tubes for Any Setup

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Here is Fuzz Audio’s list of the best stereo tubes money can buy to help you easily improve the quality of your home stereo’s tone.