Who We Are


Fuzz Audio is a small but passionate group of tone junkies dedicated to helping others find their sound. Whether you are a guitarist, audiophile or newcomer to a hobby that involves vacuum tube electronics, Fuzz Audio is here to help you find inspired tones. 

Be Empowered by Your Gear


Buying gear should be both exciting and empowering. At Fuzz Audio, we take this to heart. We want our customers to be inspired by the gear they acquire from us, and we want them to be confident that what they purchased is authentic, as described, covered by sufficient warranty, and most importantly that gear fits your style of play and needs. 


Are you sitting down and listening to your favorites while reading, or are you in high heels doing your best Mick Jagger?  Whichever way you rock, we’ve got the stuff!


Take control of your sound, reach out to a Fuzz Expert


Finding information about vintage gear can be hard. Fuzz Audio makes it easy with our team of experts! 


Our team has years of technical experience as luthiers, amp builders, and vintage gear retailers. Beyond that we are experienced consumers who know the ins and outs of instrument buying and selling. Fuzz Audio was born from our frustrations with the vintage gear market (especially when it comes to buying vintage vacuum tubes), and we want our customers to get exactly what they need to take their rigs to the next level. You can reach us by emailing Support@fuzzaudio.com or by the chat icon located in the bottom part of the screen on our shopping pages. 


A Vintage Audio Retailer You Can Trust 


If you are an avid vintage gear enthusiast, you might already understand the frustrations with the vacuum tube market. You can either go to eBay, pay less and get burned by poor testing standards, or you can go to an online tube warehouse with no customer service in sight and CRAZY prices.


Fuzz Audio has quality tubes at fair prices, a thirty-day no questions asked return policy, a one-year warranty on any vintage tube we sell, and top notch technical support.

Learn Fuzz Secrets

   Discover new methods, tips and tricks to improve the quality of your noise by checking out our two blogs, “The Tube Buyer’s Guide” and “Tone 101″.